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Launch Date

20 November, 2021


Lollitok leads this revolution, fighting for greater flexibility and freedom.

Lollitok is a platform that makes it possible to spend the rewards obtained in USDT on goods and services offered by business accounts. All transactions in the app will have a security system that provides a hedging functionality that ensures payment to the supplier is only done when the good or service has been delivered.

Users can also take advantage of our amazing social platform “StakeYou” to share pictures or videos and receive unlimited donations from other users. These donations feeds the community, and 30% of the donated tokens will be sold in the liquidity pool.

Lollitok can also be leveraged as a marketing tool for business accounts that will not only be able to sponsor and sell their products or services but also take advantage of the ability to forward advertising messages to the entire community.

All at absolutely no cost for users or business accounts, except for the normal transaction fees!

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