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14 November, 2021


Gateway To Metaverse

Our World is advancing fast and so is  human civilization. People and Society are kept in a digital world due to pandemic. This is the age of digital, an era to innovate and build the next future. It is a matter of time to adapt but this is the day to make the move.

Metavorz is a metaphor of digitalization and physicality, conjoined together to build a new kind of Universe and Existence. An idea about building the next era of technology use-case by utilizing the power of Blockchain, A.I, AR, VR, Crypto, NFT, and Quantum Computing, etc..

Today we are building the future of metaverse as one people, co-founding the idea of Metavorz. It is the time to practice semi-decentralization for us to mass-adapt for the advancement of the Cosmos, while readying the axentralised system.

Tokenizing META

The project will be tokenized for us to push this dream of a lifetime. It will practice  semi-decentralization for the goods in the metaverse community not allowing a single fatal point of central control.

Vorgz Plan

The Metavorz will be building SeDApps (semi-decentralized applications) that will be part of its evosystem. Starting with KetKot a short video sharing app that will be expanding exponentially, building the next Dex, NFT marketplace, DeFi platforms, etc to adapt the whole metaverse.

The Meta Blockchain

By the year 2022–2023, Ethereum will finish an upgrade for us to fork its EVM building the layer 3 for the Metavorz soon. The plan is to build the Meta Blockchain which is forked from the Ethereum Network and improve it by adding the security measures of quantum computing.

I believe that Quantum Computers will be used to hack every IoT soon so in able to prepare our world we need to develop a quantum resistant blockchain that can still be the layer hub of DApps. After that we call the DApps the ADApps (Axentralized Applications) in the upgrade of the project ecosystem.

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