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Market Cap


Launch Date

14 November, 2021


Digimon Coin (DGC) - First of it's kind 💎 

Is currently doing their public presale trough pinksale.Finance within 48 hours! 


A blockchain based video game where you earn USD(c) for playing and holding DigimonCoin.  You can also Pair the various 1000’s off Digital Monster’s to evolve them into different species never before seen. Mint them as NFT’S and put them up for live auction at the marketplace with other NFT collectibles.

The more you play and hold, the more you earn!

Digimon Coin serve as the native currency in the game itself.

And it set to launch on various different platforms. a) Mobile devices, Android & IOS. b) PC Windows.   By the end of this year.

Low marketcap (easy 1000x) 🚀✅

Fully Audited contract 🔥✅

Team is doxed  🔥✅

Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing by the end of this month📈 🔥

One of the most transparent team's out there.   

(Developers and marketers with over 20+ years combined experience and is based in Norway/Europe)

This is a 💎 you do not wanna miss out on.

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