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Ethereum Smart Chain



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Launch Date

10 September, 2021


HUMU is a full-featured blockchain platform offering next-gen solutions and services for the creative industry. HUMU will offer creators an easy way to tokenize and monetize their creative work, including content, designs, music, images, etc.

What is the HUMU Token Used For?

HUMU token is an ERC20 token created to support the creator economy on the HUMU marketplace and offers a fair & transparent means for buyers and sellers to pay or get paid. Payments with HUMU are fast and very secure. Creators get paid instantly for all their sales and can track their transactions & earnings on the creators’ dashboard. At the same time, HUMU tokens earned from selling on the HUMU marketplace can be used for buying products/services directly on the platform.

Benefits for HUMSTER

  • Access to a global community of creators and fans to sell/buy creative work at the best price.
  • Equal opportunities for all creators irrespective of experience and status.
  • Transparent and fair payments directly to HUMU wallet.
  • Use HUMU tokens to buy products on the HUMU marketplace.
  • Security and reliability of blockchain.
  • Completely middleman-free platform with zero fees for NFT creation.
  • Exclusive rewards and competitions for HUMU participants.

HUMU crypto announcement‼️🔥

Humu crypto (HUMU) Token- the sale is live

💰💰To buy HUMU, follow the link below to sign up:

HUMU smart contract: 0xcc6498c52708a076b80347fbbd9cc30d048f018d

We are excited to announce the HUMU token sale is open now🚀

$2 per HUMU token💰

HUMU is developing Real life game of NFTs that will give freedom to all industry creators, by monetizing and tokenizing their work and time.

HUMU Crypto partnerships to be announced 🤫🔥               

👇 For more information visit our official website: 

Together we can change tokenization in the creative industry worldwide with HUMU ‼️

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