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01 November, 2021


Shard is the native token used across multiple Infinity platforms and protocols, and it provides unique and diverse benefits, features, governance, and use cases. It is a global, multi-chain, and decentralized token that anyone can access on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain. Shard holders govern the Shard token and the Infinity Protocol, and can create proposals, vote on integrations, whitelisting, and treasury usage.

The Infinity Ecosystem is comprised of a suite of DeFi platforms and protocols focusing on revolutionizing decentralized finance. Building a cross-chain ecosystem bringing new value and innovation into the space. Fulfilling the untapped demand with an enhanced user experience for effortless decentralized finance for all, in an all-in-one community driven DeFi ecosystem accessible to all of humanity.

The Infinity Platforms and protocols within the ecosystem have special protocols for burning the Shard token, reducing the coin supply. At present, Shard is burned from 0.05% of the traded volume on the Infinity Protocol, 100% of Shard burn community whitelisting on Infinity Crypto and Infinity Wallet, as well as fees from the Infinity Wallet which is growing at thousands of users a day.

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