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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

04 November, 2021


Doge's wannabe girlfriend, she will not rest till she reaches him on top of coinmarketcap.

Let me repeat this slowly so it sinks in: DOGETTE will Not rest till it reaches Doge on CMC.

Great Meme Coin potential. Great memes, just check our telegram.

Whenever you buy, you are still early, unless you are buying after we surpass Doge on CMC, then you're F##*d (hopefully in 2022-2023)

This coin have an amazing 10% reflections, the early investors will get double the rewards because the burn address will not get any reflections till we reach 1M marketcap.

Liquidity locked. Manually improved through a special wallet that adds to liquidity pool all the reflections it gets.

Chain: BSC : Binance Smart Chain

Total supply: 600 Trillion (1 quadrillion - 40% burn)

Contract Address: 0x2153c0007ea692b2dc5321353cc82400f3cb7c83

Slippage: 10% to 12%

Utility: to be revealed at 10M marketcap.

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Cool project, fun and with high potential, join us we are waiting for you.

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