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21 March, 2021


The SPADES TRC20 Token acts as backing of community currencies, both online and offline communities.  The first community it provides backing for is the SPADES Community located at 

SPADES is designed to uniquely meet the needs of the unbanked and developing world users by providing them access to the global digital marketplace.  It works in concert with charities and non-profits globally, allows Members of the community to nominate and vote on charitable award winners, and funds those awards.  Members of the community can earn by selling items, classes, events, and through various affiliate marketing channels to earn into the SPADES ecosystem.  Earnings can be used for barter, to purchase offerings from other Members in the community, or be cashed out to the SPADES cryptocurrency.

The SPADES Community and Token work together to provide people from all over the globe with a safe and equitable location to earn, learn, and ultimately prosper in the Information Age. An equal playing field, using the same “community currency”, allows people from diverse nations, backgrounds, talent pools, and cultures to come together and create something that will be of benefit to everyone who participates. The best way to create a sustainable future, is to provide ways for people to earn a living that rely on elements of human creativity, versus taking from the natural environment.  By providing a community, and Token, more opportunities become available for the members to find remote, information based jobs.  SPADES will help in achieving these goals.    

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The SPADES Community and Token can make a great difference for the underserved, unbanked, and developing world users. The time has come for a cryptocurrency that directly supports people and planet, empowering a global community with an equal playing field.

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