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Launch Date

29 October, 2021


The first decentralized, autonomous Olympus DAO (“$OHM”) procurement platform. 

$OHMINU is a fair launch, reflection coin designed to maximize intrinsic value for its holders through an innovative transaction taxation system, created to incentivize HODLing through its monthly $OHM airdrops.

Having no presale, the community and its founders fully rely on the 12% taxation system. Meaning that there will be 12% generated in fees through each transaction.

The majority of its taxation proceeds, 5% to be accurate, are directed towards purchasing $OHM. Once purchased it will be added to the Olympus Inu DAO treasury (“$OHMINU”), as $OHMINU intends to create a unique $OHM dividend distribution system for its holders.  Though, holders may vote to liquidate these assets and use the proceeds to buy back and burn $OHMINU

The rest or 7% will be used to buyback $OHMINU and to fund further marketing and development expenses. 

$OHMINU itself holder to gain exposure towards $OHM and benefit from the appreciation of the tokens themselves. 

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