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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

05 November, 2021


Doge Unchained (DUC) is building a Dogecoin-backed DeFi ecosystem as the first-ever token paired to wrapped-Doge.

We will create an ecosystem of Doge-based dApps for every major dApp (DEX, bridge, farming, wallet, lending, etc.). We will unchain Doge by bringing real-world utility across major blockchains including BSC, ETH, and SOL.

We have already developed our own working decentralized exchange (with established partnerships), trading through wrapped Dogecoin liquidity pools, therefore supporting Doge through all transactions. This provides utility not seen across any other project.

We are launching our presale to provide the opportunity to invest in our short and long-term goals.

The presale will be conducted through Pinksale on 4-5th November 2021 (KYC approved). All participants will be airdropped an NFT within two weeks of the presale:

· SC/HC- 300/600 BNB ✔️

· Min/max buy- 0.1/3 BNB ✔️

· Working DogeDEX and partnerships on launch ✔️

· Doxxing/audit completed before the start of the presale ✔️

· Anti-hack/whale features ✔️

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