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Ethereum Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

31 October, 2021


🤺 Sasuke Inu decides to show off his power after witnessing the ostentation of other characters in Animeverse. He returns to the Ethereum blockchain and commits his life to helping preserve the DeFi village and the villagers.

📊 Tokenomics

Name: Sasuke Inu

Symbol: $SASUKE

Total supply (100%):

Burn (40%):

Private Sale (5%):

Fair Launch (55%):

Liquidity: 5-10 ETH - Locked 6 months

💸 Tax: 10% on Buy & Sell = 2% buyback + 2% rewards + 2% liquidity + 4% marketing

💰 Max per Tx: (0.2% of Total Supply)

💰 Max per Wallet: (2% of Total Supply)

🤖 Anti-snipe/bot methods? Block 0 (when liquidity is added) and Block 1 (The next block after liquidity is added) transactions will be blacklisted. If you buy before we post the contract in the chat, it is highly likely that you will be blacklisted.

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