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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

29 November, 2021


Lshicoin LSC is a Token that was created to benefit all users who purchase them. Lshicoin LSC comes with a reputaঞon and trust among cryptographers in the community. In addiঞon, it offers great value to investors as it has a built-in reward engine and carefully designed tokenomics. In addiঞon to auto rewards for holders of each transacঞon. lishicoin LSC Developed an NFT Plaorm with the possibility of buying and selling NFT's; Lishicoin LSC's NFT plaorm is based on a social network where users will be able to buy sell follow and collect, create and aucঞon their NFT. On the Lishicoin LSC NFT website users will be able to buy NFT with the lishicoin LSC Token. Lishicoin LSC is running media adverঞsing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on various plaorms, including social networks themselves. We are targeঞng people with a strong interest in cryptography-related projects that, in fact, without a doubt, will provide great value to Lishicoi LSC NFT in the long run and will increase the overall project value. Our token will be verified by the Technical Audit and the results will be added to the white paper making this token totally transparent, without the chance to make the rugpull

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