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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

17 October, 2021


A fully functioning decentralized island economy powered by our SLAND token producing passive income and development opportunities for holders and investors.


Cryptocurrencies have provided a pathway toward revolutionizing the financial world but the potential for a complete system overhaul has not yet been tapped. Combining the power of digital assets with community planning and real estate development has the potential to shift the way the world's communities are created and managed toward a way of life that is sustainable, economically viable, and better for our environment.


Islands are unique landscapes for global experiments in that they are geographically isolated from outside populations. The potential of islands to function as test sites for societal revolutions are present and Smart Island will prove it by combining innovations in technology, social interaction, green infrastructure, economic freedom, and new forms of limited government.


The Smart Island economy will be powered by the native token SLAND. All interactions and transactions locally will be conducted in SLAND in order to drive demand for the token and provide a growing economy for our investors. Smart Island will develop an entire island economy driven by hospitality, security, retail, agriculture, green energy, crypto mining, employment, and multiple business opportunities that all contribute to a green infrastructure and competitive advantage. The native currency, SLAND will be used to purchase land or property, conduct business, retail sales and revenues generated from the business and enterprises within the island and be paid in SLAND to holders as dividends.

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