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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

19 October, 2021


👑 KING SHIBA! 👑 King Shiba Building a Great Kingdom For a Loyal Community King Shiba is built to provide the ultimate functionality to the community in terms of accessibility and reward generation with the latest trends. As every community needs a leader, King Shiba is developed to take on the leadership role. King Shiba is inspired by the old traditional ways of ruling the community when the kings worked for the people and the common folk. With 2% reflection, the loyal holders of the $KINGSHIB tokens will get rewards continuously credited to their wallets, which will also increase with time. The liquidity providers of King Shiba or the protectors of the kingdom will access a liquidity pool with a 3% token balance and offer them the appropriate rewards for their contribution.

Listed on BSC chain. 

Listing on Lbank CEX (Centralized Exchange)

Staking and earning on your tokens will be implemented soon as well.

Listing on Ethereum chain through UniSwap soon with added liquidity for trading.

2% current buy slip rate

2% reflections for holders

BSC: 0x84F4f7cdb4574C9556A494DaB18ffc1D1D22316C

With 1 billion token supply and a 50% burn contract already put into action, King Shiba is a hyper deflationary cryptocurrency platform offering great rewards to the loyal owners and community in native tokens and staking pools. The platform is built to promote and execute everything with transparency, integrity, and competence. The existing functions and benefits are added with forward-looking aspects like SHIBA staking, dApp, and the ETH bridge. The platform goes beyond the concept of a token and works as a kingdom to support and promote higher rewards for the loyal subjects who swear allegiance to the platform or the super king, King Shiba.

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