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10 June, 2021


Abstract EAGLEFLY FINANCE was created in May of 2021 with the goal to build a better way to reward holders and traders without sending your assets on an external Dapp like staking pools of farms that forces the user to lose the control of its tokens. Instead of this, EagleFly will reward owners directly to their wallet while holding and trading. The ecosystem of the EAGERFLY project contains a large list of applications and features to perform this automatic reward to holders. EAGERFLY TOKEN The base of EagerFly ecosystem is a BEP20 token that promotes the usage of the project, reward holders and promote trading to have a healthy market with high liquidity and trading activity. Contract: 0x7F881ba9C526961b0288EFA86A5059743BC8b735 Tokens: 250,000,000 $EGL Initial Distribution First burn with 50% of Total Supply 40% of tokens are in PancakeSwap’s Liquidity Pool for the community. 5% Sent to the development wallet. 5% Sent to the marketing wallet.
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