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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

11 November, 2021


Blockchain technology has taken over the world! Blockchain games are developing rapidly and new exciting projects are born every day.

Unfortunately, many of the existing blockchain games require significant investments to start the game and are not available to such a wide audience. Others require powerful hardware.

To start playing Fun Land Games, players can create an account and can link the MetaMask or TrustWallet in the games and some of our games you don´t need to make an account they are living in we browser and social media.

This is enough to start playing the Fun Land games. Play anywhere and anytime. Games will be available on iOS, Android and web browser.

What could be better than making money by playing an interesting game?

Fun Land Games are based on the concept of Play & Earn, which will allow users to collect FLD tokens, buy exciting exclusive FLD NFTs with them, complete task´s and participate in competitions with other players!

Creating a blockchain game that can go viral calls for driving down the technical barriers to entry while ramping up the quality. Gameplay, storyline, characters, graphics, and originality must all be excellent, coupled with configuration that enables anyone to play

However, blockchain games guarantee access and facilitate a thriving secondary market for trading ingame items. Moreover, they provide a means for these assets to effectively leave the confines of the game in which they originated, and to be represented in new virtual worlds, where items can be bought, sold, bartered, collateralized and borrowed against.

Finally, because gaming DApps bypass traditional app distribution stores, they can be accessed virtually anywhere in the world, giving players the confidence to invest time in building up crafting items, in the knowledge that they will always be able to retrieve and exchange them at a future date wherever they are. Fun Land is a new blockchain game with the ability to collect and make exclusive NFTs, rich in content and variety of gameplay. PvP, PVE, NFT marketplace - this is the heart of the Fun Land!


Holders 5% , LP 2% and Marketing/Game Dev 3%


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