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27 October, 2021


Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable Memecoin brought to Earth by Floki Inu and Dogecoin! Elon Musk’s new Shiba Inu puppy Floki and his favorite meme coin of all time, Doge, had their GOLDEN Child... Baby Floki Doge! Who couldn’t fall in love instantly with the baby of two of the biggest coins in all of Crypto!?!? Baby Floki Doge uses high security features & a hyper-deflationary contract mechanism where the Burn Wallet Address of the contract receives the most token reflections out of any wallet because it has the largest supply of tokens so this mechanism is continually lowering the supply of tokens automatically over time. It does this by those reflections being burned which is lowering the total circulating supply thus increase the value of each token that the community holds. Our contract features a very LOW and modes tax of only 6% where 2% of every buy and sell transaction that occurs is split up and sent to holders in $BABYFLOKIDOGE token reflections. It is split amongst the token holders evenly based upon their amount of tokens they hold. The next 2% of the buy and sell tax is allocated to the liquidity pool to help the market cap grow and become more stable more quickly. The final 2% from the 6% buy and sell tax is allocated to pay for the MASSIVE amount of marketing and development that is required to ensure the fast growth of our market cap as well as the overall longevity of this project for years and years to come! Baby Floki Doge plans on building an entire Cryptocurrency ecosystem! Make sure you join the best community around!

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