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Market Cap


Launch Date

21 October, 2021


Egold is a utility token that powers most activities on the EnergyGold Platform

Passive BNB Earnings! Hodl $Egold tokens and get free BNB on all buys, sells, or transfers, Whenever someone uses the $Egold token you Earn BNB. The EnergyGold projects' suite is built as a strong and stable infrastructure that lays a foundation for the global development strategy. Driven community is our top priority, so we want to hear your voice about the ideal ecosystem that you want $Egold to be! Leave your feedback in the comment below and win $Egold tokens! So so so cool to see the interest and desire for the EnergyGold ecosystem in general and the $Egold token in particular.  We are excited to bring the everyday tradable, tokens to your transactions. Our mission is to build a better future with the mass adoption of blockchain in the real-life, we're SO happy to have you on board. 

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