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16 October, 2021


SkyRocket (DGMM) is an elastic supply token. Elastic supply token have a changing circulating supply. 

The circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease works with a mechanism called rebasing. 

A rebase protocol happens routinely and adjusts the circulation token supply automatically according to i.e. token´s price, time period or targeted value. 

The unique mechanism behind it allows for a lot of usecases in cryptospace and DeFi. The rebase function of SkyRocket was adjustet to only decrease the supply which we call the zero-g effect to reach a targeted price.

That guarantees a continuously price growth. That means that the total supply is decreasing but the aggregate value keeps the same and is allocated to the remaining supply.

The rebase function stops forever after a fix quantity of rebases and there will be specific number of tokens left between 100.000 and 1 Million of tokens. A scarce demand but not to small for a strong and large community.

Even rebase doesn´t have a direct effect to the exchange rate it has a indirect psychological effect that have an impact to the market rule #1: supply and demand! 

The rebase and the market rule in combination we call the Double Gain Market Mechanism (DGMM) which will give SkyRocket a healthy growth over time.

A big part of the market cap will be used for the SkyRocket-Crypto-Fund. The SkyRocket-Crypto-Fund will be established after the rebases ended and 11 Mio. USD for the fund will be collected.

Every Hodler of SkyRocket Token participates on the gainings from the fund. Because of the scarce demand of SkyRocket Token the SkyRocket-Crypto-Fund is similiar to a closed end-fund.

Where is this taking SkyRocket?

With a scarce demand on Tokens but not to small for a strong and large community SkyRocket want to establish the SkyRocket-Crypto-Fund which will give common people access to a passive income and longterm gaining rewards from the multibillion dollar worldchanging cryptospace.

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