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Ethereum Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

05 October, 2021


The problem:


Both a blessing and a curse, the cryptosphere is operational 24 hours a day. This trading configuration provides infinite opportunity for traders to operate around the world at different times.In turn, investors spend countless hours seeking the perfect buy in/ sell off opportunity, or for gas fees to drop to a reasonable price before attempting any transaction. Due to the endless trading availability in this market, traders are bound to miss their desired entry/exist positions for meme coin purchases. REKT Token aims to solve this issue by providing you the tool that exists on your favorite centralized exchanges, on your favorite decentralized exchanges. So you dont get Rekt in your sleep.



The solution:


Introducing UnREKT, the first Limit Buy/Sell Application for Uniswap, Shibswap, and Sushiswap. Limit orders allow users to buy or sell assets at a specific price or better. Unlike the centralized exchanges that only support stable coins, unREKT will allow its users to place limit orders on meme/alt coins based upon price in dollars or profit percentage. In order to utilize unREKT, users will need to hold REKT in the wallet connected to the platform. Rather than manually seeking for the desired entry/exit point, users will be able to place limit orders and sleep peacefully. Once a limit order has been fulfilled, users will receive a notification linking to the transaction hash and transaction details. This innovative application is poised to transform the meme coin trading market into a more navigable experience for everyone.

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