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Market Cap


Launch Date

14 November, 2021


KetKot - It's More Fun In The Metaverse!

Short video and streaming platform Gamified meets NFT! The first short video and streaming platform that tapped on the power of Blockchain to push the idea of Crypto Entertainment with Short Videos, Art Gallery, Poetry, NFT Marketplace, and Streaming creativity.

Metaverse stars can earn Crypto with the KetKot Coin. A Tokenized Short Video and Streaming platform idea that can push the metaverse of crypto mass adoption while helping the content creators earn abundantly.

Utility and Use-case

Gifting and Trading limited KetKot stickers and collectibles NFT directly to its NFT dedicated marketplace.

KetKot Coin
KetKot Decentralized Exchanges allowed  the KetKot Coin to be tradable at any Automated Market Makers (AMM) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

For the People
The math is 80 for content creators while 20 for ketkot and its charity program.

The KetKot is something metaverse and non-CEO for the people by the people.

The project will be looking forward for the next move depending on the magnitude of its progress. Some verified influencers are already on board to the project as ambassadors.


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