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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

25 October, 2021


SpookyDoge. Join our community!!

🔥SPOOKY DOGE🔥 is a multiplayer role-playing game full of horror and fantasy. In it, players will build a team of "terrifying animals" with whom they will compete to win epic rewards.

Additionally, players will be able to acquire or earn ghostly , digital, and collectible assets with true value. In this way, a whole commerce ecosystem would be created within the game

Our contract will be modified based on the needs of the game to effectively accelerate our number of players

🔥 Spooky Doge 🔥 will be available in the first months of 2022 and will be available for Android and iOS so if you want to join this terrifying community and give blockchain games a try, you still have time.

🔒100% SAFU🔒

Plataform : Binance Smart Chain

🚀 Tokenomics 🚀


🚀 Symbol: SPOGE

📄 300,000,000 Supply

📄 3% Tax Fee

🔒10% Liquidity ( Locked ) 🔒

🔥contract address :0xa5e3c7aa47d88fb0c0663d6214bc38f1e6c419d9  ( VERIFIED CONTRACT )

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