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Market Cap


Launch Date

17 October, 2021


The time has come!!!! 

πŸš€ YoRocket Features:

πŸ“ˆ YoSystem - Every time a new higher low is reached, sell taxes are increased to 25% to prevent dumps. Meaning the chart will be at a constant increase. 

⌚️ YoTime - For one hour per day, buy taxes will be reduced to 1% (added to LP). 

🎁 YoRaffle - A self-integrated raffle system built into the smart contract that automatically picks out winners frequently. The winners will be rewarded with a prize. ( 0.1 BNB = 1 raffle ticket) 

♻️ YoStake- Investors can stake to earn double the YoRocket reflection tax! 

🀝 YoSell - Max 5BNB per every 5 minutes. Min sell 0.01 BnB. 

πŸ–Ό YoNFT - Coming soon… 

πŸ† Buy 8.0%:

♻️ 1% Reflection 

🌐 3% Marketing

🎁 3% Raffle 

πŸ’§ 1% Liquidity Pool

πŸ† Sell 12%:

♻️ 3% Reflection 

🌐 4% Marketing

🎁 4% Raffle 

πŸ’§ 1% Liquidity Pool

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