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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

30 August, 2021


YUCT is the token of the Yucreat Decentralized Staking platform, where you can bring in your Skills, Materials, Ideas, and of course, YUCT. YUCT is the engine of the Yucreat platform as funds are mainly used to help promote the best of entrepreneurs projects the platform is hosting. Is a blockchain online platform connecting Innovators with skills and resources so that they can accomplish their idea and have a fair shot at success.


It was only a matter of time before this logical approach would benefit the platform and its users. Transparency is the determining factor, and Yucreat needs to offer the whole transparency experience like some of its counterparts. The platform was created with one primary objective in mind: Provide as many choices to its user as possible, whatever your goals are; work, sell, buy, barter, trade, speculate, innovate, socialize, and mining some blockchain, then you should be able to do so with as many options as possible.

Yucreat was set up in a way that would remove the need to have management and third parties. Its main objective is to provide its user with the widest possibilities at the lowest cost. It operates under specific goals that are disclosed every year on Jan 1st. Stay tuned to see what Yucreat will work on each year and look out for any input you could have within the community.

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