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Market Cap


Launch Date

01 November, 2021


Herity Network aims to develop an environment for charitable causes, based on blockchain technology.

The token of our Project will be "HER" built on the Binance Smart Chain Protocol (BSC).

A fee of 4% will be applied for the purchase, respectively another 4% for the sale, all being directed to our Charity Projects but also to "annihilate" the potential trading robots as well as the whales (wales) in case they will try to influence the price.

About contract :

The contract will be made public before the presale

About $HER token :

Maximum supply: 100.000.000 HER

Pre-sale date will be announced soon on our website and on social media accounts

What makes us different and why you have to invest in HER:

Complete transparency through the legal status of Company and NGO.

1. Staking and Farming. We will provide a high percentage APY to increase your number of HER tokens.

2. A fundraising platform for charitable purposes. On this platform you can contribute to a charitable cause but at the same time to earn funds. You can become an active member of the $HER Family. Each HER owner will have the opportunity to promote and raise money for their causes. If you know projects but also people who need help but the financial part does not allow you to offer this help or you want to offer a "hidden help" when it comes to charity, the HER team can make your dream come true

3. Use $HER Token in the first NFT Auction Platform as part of a Crypto Charity project. Here HER investors will have the chance to place bids on various NFTs from internationally recognized artists.

4. The HER Token as an Investment Coin on our future Crypto Crowdfunding platform.

The first one ever made by a Charity Project, where you can invest in Crypto Start-ups as a Seed investor before their ICO or Private sale. All of the projects will be checked, vetted, audited and verified, in order to create a perfect investment opportunity for the HER holders. All of the new crypto projects will be listed by individuals that actually need our help.

5. Involving several Corporate Companies to purchase the HER tokens

In order to contract, prepare, organize and deploy their CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility).

6. Getting support from VIPs (artists, movie starts, singers).

Who purchase the HER token to run their favorite projects, all done in a fully transparent way.

7. Use your HER tokens to access the Charity SHOP.

Where you can buy different products.


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