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Binance Smart Chain



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07 October, 2021


Hi , First i should thank all for joing and trusting PythonWealth. For sure we will deliver what we promised PythonWealth's devs and team were intended to start a private sale in Pancakeswap and we also activated buy opportunity for some minutes too. But because we have received many requests from members to run a fair Pre-sale instead of Private-sale and inorder to provide a fair chance of 20% discount for all investors around the world, we accepted this request and stopped selling privately. So now we provided a great opportunity which is equal and fair for everyone. Our Pre-sale lasts for 7 days and then it will be launched in Pancakeswap and Poocoin Our aim is to provide Wealth on Pythonwealth vast blockchain for all the investors and holders 40% of Pythonwealth's total supply was burned and got out of the cycle FOREVER. A percentage of each buy and sell tax will be distributed to all holders permanently. The Liquidity will be Locked for 10 years until 2031

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