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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

03 October, 2021


Laser Eyes Token (LSR) is a platform to discover the most promising tokens from the earliest stages (even before listing).

We aggregate data from multiple sources to provide our clients with detailed information about security and prospects of different cryptoassets.

We discover ⚡recently listed tokens and perform a comprehensive 🔎audit of underlying smart-contract's code, activity in social networks and etc. We develop an actionable 🛠️ toolbox for early token detection and quality-based token selection.

Total supply - 400,000,000

5% - private sale
25% - IEO
25% - development
20% - marketing
25% - reward programs for contributors & influencers

Join our community and make x10-x100 💰💰💰 from buying best tokens!

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