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Ethereum Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 September, 2021


Our plan is to build a fully decentralized app that enables our community to wager against each other, on anything. In order to participate, community members will have to exchange our ERC20 token for our 2nd level native credits. These credits are used to place, or match wagers on anything from sports, props, politics. pop culture and even niche community events. Additionally, the platform serves to be a destination for viewers to gather around events, creating a second screen experience of like minded folks who might want to make a friendly bet. We also look to host our own events to enable more community engagement.

Q3 21

- Launch token
- Telegram to 2500
- 10M MC
- Launch alpha version of dApp (wizard of oz style)
- Raise dApp funding and spec
- Create first few community experiences for wager

Q4 21

- Move from spec to development and beta
- Build security layer on dApp
- introduce level 2 contract “Volts” for dApp interaction
- Host 10 community events for month
- Integrate live streaming media into dApp
- On board 6-8 community referees
- Increased marketing

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