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01 June, 2021


⚡️YFIC (Yearn Cash) - An ERC20 token with a max supply of 35,000. These tokens will serve as the Native tokens of yEARN Wallet. Yearn Cash will be used as the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system powering yEARN Wallet and its subsidiary platforms, CoinDraft and CoinLabs and a full-service Crypto Casino.💫 CoinLabs - yEARN Wallet’s underlying technology will be packaged and licensed to businesses who look to integrate cryptocurrency into their business. No matter how intricate the business is, our platform has the ability to provide a customized and streamlined crypto integration solution that fits all their needs. 🏆CoinDraft - Like fantasy sports except players draft a team of cryptocurrencies rather than sports players. Play for free in Telegram (@yearncash_coindraft) to win weekly crypto prizes. Win up to 5X payouts if you’re a yEARN Wallet+YFIC Holder! This winter CoinDraft will be hosting the First Annual Telegram Community Crypto Cup. 32 of Telegram’s most prestigious crypto communities will battle it out over a 10 week period.  Only one will win the cup! Plans are in place to transition from CoinDraft into a full-service Crypto Casino Platform offering Crypto Table Games / Poker / Sportsbook / Fantasy Sports / Casino Games / Racing and much more to come!

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