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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

29 September, 2021


Moontography provides many decentralized tools, services, and products which include cross chain compatibility bridging and much more.

For ETH, MATIC, KCC contract addresses visit Moontography website.

Cross Chain Token/Coin Service(Atomic Swap):
You can now offer your holders a simple 1-to-1 swapping feature for their tokens across multiple chains including BSC, ETH, MATIC, and KCC. Setting up a swapping contract is simple. A few easy clicks and your holders will love you for it.

Airdropper service:
Cheapest and easiest way to Airdrop tokens to your community. Spend less time worrying about scripts to run affordable Airdrops and more time focusing on the project.

Farming service:
Project owners can now create staking programs for their communities in 5 minutes and a few clicks.

List of current and future Dapps:
Blockchain File Storage, Decentralized Code Storage, Airdropper, Decentralized Tax Reporting, Farming as a Service, Atomic Swap, Decentralized Password Manager, Trusted Timestamps

Plus more coming.
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