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Binance Smart Chain
Contract will be added before fairlaunch
Ethereum Smart Chain
operates on the BSC network



Market Cap


Launch Date

29 September, 2021



ASTROLunarADA is a blockchain-based financial service provider that doesn't depend on central financial intermediaries like dealerships, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead uses smart contracts on blockchain. ASTROLunarADA operates on the BSC network, which focuses on digital currency and NFT (Non-fungible token).

I found a project that I thought was good. They make projects

Mixed 3 foundation blockchain “NFTs” “DEX” “Defi” on our platform

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital file that identifies and owns divergences on blockchain. NFTs are usually made by uploading files, like digital art. In this case, ASTROLunarADA is targeting ASTROLunarEx, the NFT auction market and the first NFT ASROLunar maker to give a return to the collector. NFT ASTROLunar with project mining, farming, and as NFT marketplace, represents NTF digital platform with a special focus on art assets.


💸Tokenomic Allocation💸

👩‍🚒 Tokens Initial Supply 100%

👩‍🚒 Reserved For Pancakeswap Liquidity 40%

👩‍🚒 Marketplace Mining and Fee Reward Locked 1 Year 30% 

👩‍🚒 300.000.000 Team Token For Marketing Locked 1 Year 3% 

👩‍🚒 2.700.000.000 Burn token 27% 

◾15% Tax Transaction◾

* 12% Reflection ($ADA)

*   3% To Liquidity 

🔜- Coingecko Listing Planned!

🔜- Coinmarketcap Listing Planned!

🔜- Listing Planned!

🔜- Planned!

🔘 ASTROLunarADA Fairlaunch : Sept 29th, 14:00 UTC

🔘 ASTROLunarNFT: To Be Announcement

🔘 ASTROLunarEx : To Be Announcement

🔘 Chart: To Be Announcement

💦Token Details 💦

🔑Locked Tokens 🔑

🔒 3% Allocation Dev Team Locked 1 Year

🔒 30% Allocation for Marketplace Mining and Fee Reward Locked 1 Year

🔒 40 Reserved for Pancakeswap Liquidity Locked 1 Year

🔑 DxLock link : To Be Announcement

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