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Binance Smart Chain



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19 June, 2021


Yorkie Inu is a community-driven DeFi Token. Automatic Liquidity Pools, Yorkie Inu Lottery provide. With the boom in the development of meme coins, a new era of Decentralized Finance has begun. DeFi has generated a trillion dollars worth of dollars in the crypto market, as the boom of meme coins, staking, farming, exchanges, and other finance protocols is seen. Cryptocurrency has recently surpassed the $2.42 trillion market cap. Yes, you heard it right, a number that one has even trouble counting zeroes of. Now off to where these funds are locked. Etheruem handles the more significant number of these financial transactions every day, but due to the high network fees and overall mechanics, every trader loses a large amount of his money paying fees to the filthy miners, These high fees make it really difficult for medium and small traders with low startup money to get involved nowadays.
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