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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

07 September, 2021


The crypto social network!

Connect with People

We have taken the advantages of the current social networks but added our crypto touch with reactions, shares, media, and much more!

Super Gamification!

We created a full gamification experience with crypto, nft, badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience!

Find the best

Find the best new cryptocurrency projects! Did ever you wonder where people find the best new cryptocurrency projects, coins and tokens like Doge and Shiba Inu? They use websites like Hoodler.

What are our major goals?

We are creating smart contracts and blockchain-based Dapps on a DAO-structured governance. Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.


Our revolutionary Reflect binance smart blockchain service is designed to earn extra tokens by simply holding, without any token inflation, secure digital assets and access to funding all over the world. Just hold tokens in your wallet and watch your balance increase.

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