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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

20 September, 2021


Seismic CB recognizes the need and use for a mainstream cryptocurrency in South-Africa and Africa.

The need to receive and spend money from your mobile or desktop instantly across the country.

Currently if Realtime payment is not used by the bank you are receiving money from. You can wait up to 3 days before the money reflects in your account. Fees for Realtime payments can be as much as ZAR65 or $4.5.

Alternatively instant money transfers require you to drive or walk to a ATM machine. Many people in South Africa and Africa don’t own cars.

Seismic CB aims to provide a payment system to employers, friends, and family to transfer and send money to anyone in the country instantly and have it available to use right away.

How will Seismic CB do this?

Seismic CB being a Binance Smart Chain crypto token in nature, has 3 distinct layers or subdivisions as part of our roadmap.
1. Investment into the initial payment token
2. Investment into the Seismic Public company (Early 2022)
3. Various payment solution offerings : including point of sale, payment solutions to FIAT banks, cash exchange solutions & VISA debit card offerings

Investment Potential:

The total market targeted by Seismic CB is in excess of $500 million per year for the initial market segments.

Through the unique offering and use by Seismic CB, we offer a excellent prospect to be a x1000 token within coming months and year.

Stay tuned for more information as the road map is defined and further developed

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