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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 September, 2021


*$LEVEX Pre-Sale*

We believe that at the root of income inequalities is people's lack of equal access to high-value-added enterprises. This situation has been clearly seen in the agricultural and industrial revolutions in the past and has been scientifically proven. If we don't take the right steps, the digital revolution that is already underway will lead to greater inequalities.

Levershare is the world's first and only cryptocurrency project that will reduce income inequality with smart and correct steps. We will put technology at the service of huminity and create the World's largest community. 

We created 440 trillion LEVEX, representing $440 trillion of world wealth. LEVEXs will be sold at a discount and will be valued through all Levershare activities. When the LEVEX market price reaches 1 dollar, we will have created an equivalent of the world's wealth in cryptocurrency markets. In this process, we will offer countless opportunities for everyone to get as much share of the world's wealth as they want.

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