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Market Cap


Launch Date

28 September, 2021


💎💎💎Redefining what a BSC Gem Truly can be💎💎💎

Liquidity locked for 1 year

  • Are you sick of being scammed with fake contracts?

  • Are you sick of being botted at Launch?

  • Sick of waiting for a use case and hoping the team does something?

  • Tired of having no say what the next steps should be?

We have the solution  for you with Lucky Luna!

‼️Our unique one-of-a-kind token will be launched on our own exchange<=====NOT A TYPO‼️

What does this mean for our investors?

- Lucky Luna will be able to offer Defi and partnerships with new tokens to launch on our exchange (Planning for the future)

How will Lucky Luna decide what the next steps are?

- We will have the community help shape our success. After all,  without you, there is no Lucky Luna!

Are you ready for the next big thing on the BSC network?

- No scam! Our chart will tell the story

Sick of whales toying with your hard earned investments?

- Max buy-in 2bnb and Max sells of 25% of total bag.

Hey scammers, want to bring your Bot?

- Good luck! It won't work on our exchange and our exclusive code will track and blacklist you! Thanks for the free

market cap for our investors!!

Dev team that is truly transparent, our Developer will answer any questions directly

- We will remain active in telegram and all socials to answer all questions and will provide the community with weekly updates every Sunday with what we've done this week and what's in the pipe for next week.

No hiding, no games, no vague answers and bullshit timelines (we all hate "soon!" as an answer when we want to know when the tokens we're invested in are planning something)

Are YOU READY  to make real money and have fun along the way

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