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02 November, 2021


G² is a new multidimensional ecosystem built around Telegram-based gaming, gaming partnerships, a Diamond Hold Lottery, and a staking pool. 

G² incorporates a Diamond Hold Lottery, with 50 prizes per week. Guaranteed lottery drawings every 4 hours, every day, and every week! 

G² will also have its own Telegram-based game room (beginning with "Slots," followed shortly after by "Wheel of Joe" and "Plinko"!), which will give back 90% of its revenue in the way of prizes. The remaining 10% profit will be sent to the staking pool. Other projects can partner with G² and plug our gaming bot into their own TG community to increase community engagement. Partner games profits are split 50/50. 

Finally, G² will operate a large staking pool that provides holder reflections, increases the value of the project, and serves as a backup funding mechanism for the Diamond Hold Lottery.

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2 years before ago

This is quite possibly the largest and most exciting project to launch on BSC in October. The scale of this project is something to behold. The team behind this have shown incredible ingenuity with exportable TG slots.



2 years before ago

Arcade games, lotteries, reflections... What else do you need. This token is simply amazing!!



2 years before ago

I’m all in lottery and staking whatever I win. 😈



2 years before ago

Team is top notch as they come, been following them since their first project Grouper. This project is a long time in the making, i'h hypedddd.



2 years before ago

"Gaming with purpose" project with exceptional and unique Token Economy. Very energetic and transparent team. Can't wait for October 2nd!

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