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22 September, 2021


For a world that is almost becoming digital, we want to take part in the evolution of the finance and travel industry.

Crypto and Travel will entice every type of travellers around the globe in joining the future of currencies. We promise you that this is a NOMADness. We have developed a token that focuses in the hospitality Industry. Nomad Travel Token will become the future of travel. Every year there is an incredible increase of the Digital Nomads and slowly it changes the tourism industry. Businesses involving hospitality industry easily wants to adopt on these changes for it will become their boost for their businesses. The Nomad Travel Token team is dedicated to close a partnerships to the known hotels , resorts , restaurants and any establishments which are related to tourism.

Our Aim is for Nomad Travel Token is to be utilized and be useful to all the type of travellers, whether you are a backpacker with a thight budget or a business traveller who is always on the go. You will never feel alone even you are a solo traveller if you are carrying in your digital wallet the Nomad Travel Token (NTT) .

Creating future apps that will involve NTT will also be our goal. One advantages when you carry NTT is that it will be, 5% off your total bill to our partner merchants. This is a part of our Cashback rewards. We will be having our presale this September, in which it is a good timing for low market alt coins.

Soon, Nomad Travel Token will be there in every step of your travel. So join us in our evolution and Nomadic way of living and together , let us "GAIN THE FREEDOM WE ALWAYS WANTED"

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