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14 September, 2021


Introducing DexLabs Private And Public Sales Schedule, With Feature Of Instant Payouts!

The digital age and indeed the crypto ecosystem has successfully disrupted the traditional investment and finance sectors. At the moment, the hottest trend in cryptocurrency is the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi). Getting started in DeFi is one of the biggest challenges for novice and most enthusiasts.

In a bid to make more people participate in DeFi, the team at DexLabs is pleased to announce its private and public sales schedule. DexLabs offers a wide range of insightful tools, including ICO listings and DEX launchpads to make users' experience very seamless. DexLabs makes DeFi more predictable, more intuitive, and more secure.

Below is the overview of the private and public sales schedules for your perusal:

Private Sale Schedule

  • Private Sale Starts : 14-09-2021 12:00 UTC

  • Private Sale Ends : 20-09-2021

  • Total Cap during the private sale: 250 BNB

  • Each Participant (Per Wallet): 5 BNB Min and 10BNB Max.

Whitelisting Process For IDO

  • Whitelist Starts : 14-09-2021 11 :00 AM UTC

  • Whitelist Ends : 23-09-2021 07: 00 AM UTC

  • Whitelist Results : 24-09-2021 10 :00 AM UTC

Public Sale (IDO )

  • HardCap : 1000 BNB

  • Each Whitelist Participant : 2 BNB Max Limit

  • Public Sale Starts : 24-09-2021 12: 00 PM UTC

  • Public Sale Ends : 24-09-2021 14: 00 PM UTC

  • Token Claim : 24, Sept, 16:00 PM UTC

Pancake Swap Listing

  • Listing Time : 24-09-2021 15:00 PM UTC

  • Liquidity : 60%

Dex Labs ($DEXL)

DexLabs has a native token with the symbol "$DEXL." The token derives its value from the generation of transactional demand from a heterogeneous user base. Created to enhance the usability of the DexLabs platform, $DEXL offers users top-notch DeFi experience at extremely low costs.

About DexLabs

DexLabs is the world's first multi-chain decentralized platform that brings a wide range of DeFi products and services to crypto enthusiasts under one roof, including vesting and staking platforms. DexLabs caters to the vesting needs of every DeFi project on the blockchain. The mission of DexLabs is to help the DeFi community by offering a range of DeFi services. Whether it's DEX launching, crypto news, staking, vesting, or ICO listings, DexLabs has got you covered through its DEX launchpad.

Additionally, with DexLabs vesting, users will be able to lock their tokens in order to earn lucrative rewards. The team at DexLabs enjoy a seamless relationship with users and investors. Through the DexLabs' Fintech news platform, investors will know every single trend and update on the DeFi and crypto space in general. What's more? DexLabs lists all the upcoming ICOs; so, investors can see in real-time when to join their favorite projects.

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