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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 September, 2021


❗️Road Map for deployment: ❗️

1️⃣ Whitelist for 15-20 people on 9/14

2️⃣ DxPresale on 9/15 @ 1700 UTC (Soft and Hard cap to be determined)

3️⃣ Initial token Launch - 1 hour after filling presale or at 1700 UTC the following day depending on when presale finishes.


Tokenomics for Baby Afghanistan:

Total Tax = 6%! <- This is one of the lowest out there!!!


💵1% Lp

💵1% Reflection in Baby Afghanistan

💵2% Marketing

💵2% Charity


Why Afghanistan? 🤔

Right now, the situation for children in Afghanistan is dire, with at least 75,000 having had to flee their homes in the last months amid escalating violence. Even before the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan was crippled by hunger and poverty; as COVID-19, conflict, and drought combined to create a food crisis of a scale not previously seen. 

How can we help? 🤝

Given the current situation in Afghanistan, one of violence and political uproar, we asked ourselves how can we help the people most affected, the people who don’t have meals, the people who are homeless, the people who are loosing their loved ones on a daily basis.

As avid crypto enthusiasts we saw it fit to plan and deliver a token which is designed for giving back. Baby-Afghanistan will automatically allocate 2% of all transactions to charities helping those directly affected. With the launch of Baby-Afghanistan and it’s growth everyone will have the opportunity to invest while making a difference for the better.  We aim to make our first donation within 2 hours of launching Baby Afghanistan.  We will be rotating the charities that we send donations to which will ensure that multiple areas of Afghanistan get help!


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