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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

07 September, 2021


Everyone Loves Phat A$$ Girls - Stealth Launched - Low MC - NFT Project Token! Come and grab some Phat A$$! Token

Hold onto some Phat Ass and get BNB sent to your wallet automatically!

��10% BNB Reflections auto deposited into your Smart Chain Wallet every 30 min!��

3% Sent to LP on every transaction, raising the price floor everytime some absolute Beta lets their PAGS escape to PCS without a fight!

The Marketing Wallet is 2% and only makes money off of the taxes, there's no extra fees to pay for marketing. Our guys know how to engage a community with not much money and provide value to our holders' lives. We focus on making connections without people instead of asking for money and turning our backs!

The Development Wallet is 2% and will be used for a special project coming up to give the NFTs a small utility. Come by and tell us a joke, if we laugh hard enough, there could be a small hint ;-)

+70 telegram members in one day

✅Doxxed CEO Trippy aka John has already been doxxed on another project and will be putting socials, youtube channel, photo, and even steam name! He even openly said he’s looking forward to playing games with the community. Terry is a well known Project lead and developer in the BSC space as well.

��Marketing plans:

��CMC Fast Track
��CG Fast Track
⌛️AMAs and LiveStreams
⌛️Devlogs from John
⌛️Daily VCs with John and Terry
⌛️Real contests with performance based winners!

��And much, much more!
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