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07 September, 2021


Game of Dragons is an NFT TCG that will be launched as an NFT marketplace initially, people will get that chance to purchase NFT cards that can potentially be used in the NFT TCG. There will be 15 total card designs, which will be categorized by rarity. Basic, Special, and Ultra , these categories will be the main indicator of a cards rarity. Basic cards will have a total supply of 50 , Special cards will have a total supply of 10, and Ultra cards will have a total supply of 10. Prices will vary depending on both design and rarity. ��The next phase will be adding to the collection, following our 1st 15 design card set will be a 12 design card set and finally a 9 design card set which will round up the TCG’s 1st pack. It will also allow us to introduce our legendary card which will have a total supply of 1.��

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