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06 September, 2021


🐶 PUPPY FLOKI (PFLOKI) is a deflationary token that focuses on rewarding holders automatically with $FLOKI, play to earn (P2E) gaming technology and creating a NFT Marketplace. This revolutionary concept is based on the stability of $FLOKI and instilling holders with the confidence that they will be holding it as a stable reflection. What sets Puppy Floki aside from the rest of the pack is $FLOKI rewards that each holder will receive. The team is led by a team of successful developers and experienced marketing professionals in the BSC space.

🎮 Get ready to build Puppy Floki the coolest dog house, take him on walks, feed/ water him and socialize at the dog park. Use $PFLOKI to purchase treats and toys to spoil him. The longer you play the better the rewards. 

🎨 In our full scale NFT marketplace you will be able to purchase and use the NFTs in our play2earn game. The NFTs that are purchased will give you a better chance at earning more PFLOKI.

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