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Market Cap


Launch Date

07 September, 2021



The born of crypto is a way to disrupt the greedy financial institutions who have been suppressing you & me. Better still, it is COMMUNITY-centric, by community for community. 

Hence, while everyone is making good money from IndoBisa, we want to CONTRIBUTE back to community. 

IndoBisa project & tokenomics have been created with a utmost commitment to charity contribution.

And you are a big part of this charity contribution while you are enjoying profit from IndoBisa. Remember, each moment you invest into IndoBisa, you are also changing someone’s life, he/she who needs your help.

✅ A token is seriously committed & centre-around charitable cause. 

✅ Dev who focuses on doing good for society. He will voice-chat with you 10 mins before fairlaunch. 

✅ Max Wallet: 4% (We want to prevent UltraRich whale from ruining amazing IndoBisa coin that does good for society)

✅ Liquidity Lock immediately after fairlaunch till 2022.

FairLaunching on coming Tuesday, 7 Sep, 2:20pm UTC

9:20 PM WIB

Dev voice chat 10 mins before launch.


7.00% to charity Kitabisa.com & 14% token reflection into your wallet

7% Buy Tax

~ All 7% become FREE IndoBisa tokens going into your wallet automatically

20% Sell Tax

 ~ 7.00% contribution to charity kitabisa.com

 ~ 7% becomes FREE IndoBisa tokens going into your wallet automatically

 ~ 3% Marketing wallet

 ~ 2% Dev Wallet

 ~ 1% burn

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