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Launch Date

14 September, 2021


Chimera is similar to a Swiss army knife utilizing multiple different tokens with various properties and abilities, it combines the features of various digital assets into a single, powerful ecosystem.

Optimal profitability is assured by the fact that Chimera remains the most flexible and easily customizable token environment on the blockchain. All features and functions can be turned on or off in the smart contracts, and new functionalities can be effortlessly added to guarantee that Chimera remains up to date with the latest trends such as DeFi, dApps and NFTs.

As more and more features are added and as a variety of tokens with real use-cases are born within the ecosystem, their transaction volume will combine to make the Chimera token more valuable!

Chimera is also focused on pioneering unique, innovative functionalities that are entirely new to the market. These features will be designed to provide maximum profitability to our investors and establish Chimera as one of the leaders of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Shaik khadar basha

2 years before ago

Wonderful project

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