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01 September, 2021


Ethereum-i ($ETHi) is a progressive ERC-20 token built on the secure Ethereum network. We launched ETHi with a vision to bridge the gap between the emergence of community-driven tokens and the well-known foundational coins of crypto, creating a unique token that provides lifestyle perks and automatic reoccurring financial rewards to its holders with a pathway for practical long-term use in everyday life. We believe everyone should be able to reap the benefits of cryptocurrency and the robust DeFi ecosystem. With that in mind, we launched ETHi with a total supply of 200 Million tokens.

Airdrop ETH.
Automatic burning after every transaction.
Possibility of staking.
The coin will be deflationary and its price will increase every day.
Creation of Ethereum-i.swap for more than 100 coins.
The launch will be with uniswap pairs such as ETHi/USDT, ETHi/WETH, ETHi/UNI.
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