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01 September, 2021


🚨We want to get everyone in on the action of the Level 5 NFT as well as their cake benefits! Thus we have created Baby Cake Monster🚨

💰💰Earn Cake Monster in Automatic Rewards plus more!💰💰

❗️One of the hottest growing cryptocurrencies right now is the Cake Monster Protocol! If you haven’t heard about Cake Monster I suggest you head over there and check it out! In a nutshell they have staked over $650,000 into autocake and will be sending it out to holders based on % owned and to those holding their level 5 NFT (Only 200 exist).

✅✅ Tokenomics explained! ✅✅

1️⃣ 5% Cake Monster Rewards - Our token will reward all holders with an automatic reward in Cake Monster! That means 5% of the 15% tax will go to all of you directly holding Baby Cake Monster! The higher the volume on Baby Cake Monster, The more rewards you get!

2️⃣ 6% BuyBack function! - 6% of the tax (converted to BNB) will first be used to purchase a level 5 NFT (There are none left to mint from Cake Monster but we have some sources for where we can buy one).

After purchasing a level 5 NFT we will continue to buy more and more cake monster until we have enough to activate the rewards associated with the level 5 NFT. Level 5 NFT holders will earn additional cake rewards compared to regular holders of Cake Monster. Since there are only 200 Level 5 NFTs this means this will be a larger cake reward! By holding the NFT we will use the rewards sent to us to sell the cake and buy back Baby Cake Monster! Thus a sophisticated buy back feature that will not rely on continuous volume!

Once we have accumulated enough Cake Monster for our Level 5 NFT to work, we will have a community vote to either leave the 6% tax as a direct buyback, or decrease tax to 1% with increased Cake Monster reflections!

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