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Binance Smart Chain



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13 August, 2021



Fuck Them Heggies is a new token released in June 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain and fully complies with BEP20 standards. We have been audited by Rugfreecoins.com and have integrated tokenomics in our relaunch in  aug 13th 2021.

Fuck Them Heggies was born out of the frustration people feel with the current economic system. Hedge funds have for too long taken advantage of the market to fill their own pockets. Once their plans were discovered by retail investors, and the retail investors fought back, they waged a war in order to protect themselves and their investors at the expense of the average person. So, FUCK THEM HEGGIES!

5% Redistribution to HODLRS
3% towards Charity
2% towards Marketing
2% Auto LP

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