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10 June, 2021


Damndeal started off as an e-commerce platform in 2016. We are an international, multimarketing agency that offers a range of high quality products for all its valuable customers out there. The online business aims at enhancing the online shopping experience of customers through its amazing services. After carrying out multitude of research, we added new features in our platform. At Damndeal, you cannot just buy products but can also trade. The journey has been great from then till now. Following our success as an e-commerce platform, we carried out research on many other exciting venues. In 2021, we launched our very own prestigious $DAMN coin, which is a cryptocurrency. $DAMN coin can be used for multipurpose. You can use the coin to shop at Damndeal and buy your most favorite products conveniently. Furthermore, our coin can also be made use of for investment purposes. Damndeal token is a most unique crypto currency in its own way. It lets the customer transact for commodities on its marketplace platform. The ability to invest in crypto while being able to transact at the market place with crypto makes it the most idiosyncratic platform. The concept of Damndeal came into existence in 2009. With 7 years of innovation and improvisation Damndeal launched as a market place in 2016. Damdeal got to new horizons in 2021 with its own crypto currency. With the work in progress you will soon be able to even transact with $DAMN coin on damndeal marketplace. People will be able to invest in real estate using $DAMN coin in USA from anywhere in the world. They will also receive rent on that property in form of $DAMN coin. Damndeal already have android app and is soon going to launch its very own IOS app, making it more convenient for the people to buy things using $DAMN coin. It also plans to launch its own wallet and various entertaining activities such as gambling.
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