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19 May, 2021


Quidax token, QDX, is the native token of the Quidax ecosystem. This means that a lot of processes on the platform will use this token. It will also be the first Cryptocurrency project to focus on the BEP20 ecosystem, combine centralized finance like savings, and decentralised finance such as crypto lending in a way that anyone can use and understand.

Some of the uses of ODX includes:

•Exchange Utility Token: ODX is the exchange utility token. Users will be able to get trading fee discounts, redeem merchandise, receive free crypto via airdrops, and do many more things in the form of QDX.

•Deposit, Savings, and Bill Payments: The ODX token can be used in deposit and savings programs that will be launched in the future. Customers will also be able to use it to pay for utility bills like electricity, cable, and airtime on Quidax.

•Merchant Payment Gateway: Merchants will be able to receive payment for goods and services via QDX through a crypto payment gateway

•DeFi access token: People who do DeFi services like lending, staking, yield farming, and more, will be able to use QDX for these services.

•Creation of NFTs: Quidax will create Africa's first marketplace for digital collectibles and tokenized assets, QDX will be the main currency for this marketplace.

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