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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 August, 2021


✅ BLUE ORIGIN STUDIOS keeps it simple: 

-Play2Earn gaming for smartphones (lots of games)

-Dope merchandise and buy back from profits, branding

-1/6 chance to double your every purchase in our smart contract

-Bezos memepower

-The flight control crew of 6 talented team players

👣 All of the above, combined with our BOSenomics:

-99% of total supply to 4 years locked liquidity pool (1% for further in-game tests) 

-10% fee on transactions (7% TRUE BURN from buyback, 2% marketing, 1% rewarded to the holders)

-1/6 chance to double up your purchase on every transaction (even the smart contract is a game itself) 

-Audited smart contract

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